Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our sweet and perfect nephew!

I just wanted to take a second to brag on Baby Bryce! I am so in love with this little guy. He was born on August 19th. His momma was such a trooper and (not by choice) had him all natural! Brandon and I got to the hospital about 30 minutes after he was born. He was a week early and we were in Mobile, AL because Brandon had a work conference. As soon as we could leave, we put the pedal to the metal and drove the 7 hours to Jonesboro. I wouldn't even let us stop for potty breaks! We made it to the hospital in time to be able to see him for the first time with everyone else! I am so glad too, because I was going to be devastated if I wasn't one of the first people to see him! He is such a cutie - He came out with copper color hair and the longest fingers I've ever seen on a baby! He weighed 8 lbs 4.7 ounces and was 22 and 1/2 inches long! I'll never forget the first time I held him, I said his name and I kid you not, he looked right up at me! It was so amazing! I know that we are going to have a special bond - I definitely want to be the "cool aunt" and take him to do fun things and spoil him every chance I get! Here are a few more pics of this silly, sweet and perfect gift from God!

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