Monday, April 13, 2009

Brussels Griffons

Brussels Griffons are great dogs. They are a toy breed and generally weight 8-12 pounds. They have human-like expressions and are very caring and sensitive dogs. They come in two coats, a smooth coat like a Pug or a Boxer and a rough coat like a Schnauzer. The most distinguishing feature of this breed is the face. They have a short muzzle with the nose placed high between the eyes. The eyes are large and appealing and the nose and face is almost flat. Many people see the dog's expression as almost human while others think he looks monkey-like. One of the cutest things about them is their long skinny legs!
National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization which maintains a national rescue league for Brussels Griffons which have been abandoned, lost, abused or for other reasons must be re-homed.Please visit for more information on Brussels Griffons who need homes.
Our Brussels Griffon

Opal is our one year old rough coat Brussels Griffon. She is the best puppy we could have ever asked for. She is so sweet, loving, funny and playful. She does something that makes us laugh everyday!

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